Frequently Asked Questions

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OnePoint is the only accounting solution focused entirely on franchises and multi-unit restaurant operators. We have decades of experience working with the specific needs of franchise operators, and we’re uniquely qualified to help you make effective business decisions that balance the needs of multiple locations. Our monthly fixed-fee, cloud-based services allow companies to have the expertise of a high-end accounting firm at a fraction of the price of staffing a full-time bookkeeper or accounting department.

We save you time and money by doing all the tedious financial work: preparing financial statements, paying bills, filing sales tax, reporting royalties, and other important backend operations. For a fixed, affordable monthly fee , you’ll have actionable data to make informed decisions and grow your business.

Accurate financial data is vital to ensuring the profitability of a franchise location. Our cloud-based accounting technology and real-time, standardized dashboards will help your franchisees keep track of KPIs and benchmarks. They’ll be able to quickly identify problems and address any inefficiencies before they escalate. Standardized reporting will also help you keep track of market trends and protect the integrity of your brand – all while supporting franchisee profitability and satisfaction.

We work in Xero, Quickbooks, Restaurant365 and many other accounting platforms. We integrate these systems into a consolidated reporting portal that is intuitive, accessible, and customizable to the user even without general accounting software knowledge. During the onboarding process, we provide thorough training on how to use our systems and access key information. Should you chose to convert accounting software, we can convert financial data from any other accounting program and walk our clients through every step of the conversion process.

As part of our standard service, we provide a year-end financial package for our clients and post all year-end adjusting journal entries from the CPA. This reduces the amount of time and money our clients spend on year-end tax preparation with their CPA.

Absolutely. There is no limit to how many users may access the online dashboard including CPAs, business partners and trusted managers. Each individual user may be assigned their own username and password to ensure security when accessing financial statements. Users can also be assigned unique roles with limitations to view certain reports.  


Absolutely. OnePoint works with clients all over the country. Our systems are updated constantly to ensure up-to-date compliance with all state-level sales tax and accounting requirements.

Yes. We can convert existing financial information from a different accounting software or provider. You’ll be able to access historical financial information within our reporting portal and easily make informed business decisions based on historical trends.

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