The OnePoint Referral Program

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Let Us Thank You

Receive a one month service fee credit for a single location.

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How Does the OnePoint Referral Program Work?

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  • To refer someone to OnePoint, send them the link to our referral program landing page where they can fill out a form to request a call. If they decide to become a client, they will receive $100 off their first month’s services.
  • Current clients may earn one reward for each valid referral. There is no limit to the number of referrals. A valid referral is a new customer who completes set-up for one or more units and is an active OnePoint client for at least three months.
  • A referrer’s eligibility to earn a reward will be based on the ability to make referrals that result in new OnePoint clients. Referrals of existing OnePoint clients will not count towards eligibility to earn a reward.
  • Preliminary credit for referrals will be assigned upon new client set-up when new client names referrer and provides contact information. Reward will be issued after three months of service has been completed by the new client.
  • Referrer shall receive one month service fee credit for a single location.

There Is No Limit To The Number Of Referrals!

This is a WIN-WIN for your contact(s), OnePoint, and for YOU!

This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions. Referrers may not participate in a Referral Program where doing so would be prohibited by any applicable law or regulations. Referrers may not use message boards, spam, or unsolicited e-mail to persons unknown to them to obtain referrals. Referrers may not offer any incentive or compensation over and above the current Referral Program to new clients.

Referrer shall select either a $300 Visa Gift Card or a one month service fee credit for a single location.