How Our Team Kept Busy During Our Two Month Shut Down

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At OnePoint, we’re taking every precaution to keep our team safe while getting back in the office for our clients. As we begin to embark on ending our mandated work from home period, our team reflects on how they kept busy (and sane) during the two months of shut down.

“I’ve found that it’s important to keep my routines going even though I am not leaving the house,” said senior accountant Diana Bradford, “I get up at the same time, do my normal morning routine and get dressed as if I was leaving the house. I have also been taking walks on my break to help breakup the day. It’s been great having a call to check in with my coworkers everyday as I really miss working with them.”

Laura Wright, managing partner, agrees that OnePoint has remained an important touchstone throughout isolation. “I am very grateful for my work with OnePoint because it gives me structure, a sense of purpose and a reason to connect with people. Our clients have been experiencing very challenging times and I feel like I can help them get through this even in a small way.”

For some, the shut down has been a time to get closer to those they live with: “My roommate (who was a random Facebook find) just a month before quarantine happened, has now become one of my very closest friends.”

Or, connect in new ways with friends they’re socially distancing from. “Every Saturday night, I have joined a ‘Distance and Dance’ party on Zoom. A friend plays and streams a live DJ set, anyone can join, and costumes are encouraged,” shared Chloe Weise, payroll specialist. 

Bradford’s also kept busy helping others. “I am a quilter,” she explains, “so, when this first started, I was immediately contacted by many people asking me to make masks. To date I have made about 250 of them and I am still sewing them every chance I get. It makes me feel good knowing I am doing something to help my family, friends and coworkers.”

Self-care is a high priority for the OnePoint team with 93% of the team reporting giving at-home work outs a try and others sharing stories of what helped keep their moods boosted. “I found it useful to write down things I am grateful about during the ‘forced isolation’ from the outside world. This journaling allows me to stay optimistic despite the fears and worries and the annoyance (about cancelled plans),” said one team member.

“I shut the news off and stayed focused on all the great things that came out of quarantine,” shared accounting manager Bernadette Gonzalez, “I was locked in my home with my 3 favorite people. This slowed life down so we were less busy and had more time for family meals and evening walks.”

Of course, self-care looks different for everyone. For managing partner Diana Mead, “Adding twenty minutes of Family Feud with my kids and a daily step count over 15,000,” is what helped keep her sane.  

In the graph below you can see a few other ways the OnePoint team kept themselves occupied during the shut down:

During this time apart, we’ve found ways to help each other, help ourselves and stay as grounded as one can during a time of global upheaval and we hope you’ve found ways to do the same! OnePoint is proud to be able to get back to the office and back to business as usual for our clients.