Franchisor Solutions

Increase royalties from accurate reporting of sales
Highlight underperforming stores for early intervention
Maintain brand reputation by ensuring franchisee compliance

We help franchisors establish a better grasp on their locations - providing a clear view of areas in need of attention, and streamlining the business by automating dozens of processes.

We allow franchisors to monitor franchisees’ financials in a side by side comparison, as well as cumulative totals, through a secure login to the online dashboard. This provides the franchisor with the hard data to promote best practices, as well as easily identify areas of improvement in order to assist those locations who may be struggling. Additional services that we provide to the franchisor include collecting royalty and marketing/ad fund from franchisees, as well as compliance reporting portals that allow franchisees to self-report their financial data on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Our services for franchisors include:
Comprehensive Financial Reporting
Franchisee Compliance Tracking
Royalty Reporting
Royalty Collection
Marketing & Ad Fund Management
Customized Benchmarking Tools
Field Consultant Support
Individual and Roll-Up Custom Reporting

“You provide the kind of service that franchisees really, really need –
and franchisors would be very wise to use!”
—George Samaras, Texadelphia, Austin