How to make Your Accounting Data Actionable

Big data has been all the buzz in the business world for more than 5 years. But how are organizations using that data to make better decisions and drive profitability? According to Forrester, 74% of businesses want to be “data-driven” but only 29% are actually successful at connecting analytics to action. The good news is, […]

Three Financial Mistakes Emerging Franchisors Should Avoid

Building a successful franchise system is like building a skyscraper in New York City: without a steel enforced and robust foundation, the building will collapse. The higher you build, the stronger and more intricate the foundation must be. Many of the young franchise systems we encounter approach us asking for advice about how they can […]

Period vs. Monthly Accounting

We are often asked if we recommend monthly or period reporting to our clients. Both approaches have merits and shortcomings, and we want to simplify the decision as much as possible. Below we have focused on the major and important drivers. The simple answer to this question is that if your business’ revenue varies greatly […]